Nature Of Wood

We pride ourselves in using the finest wood products for your cabinetry.
However, please remember:

No two trees are alike
Our cabinets and doors are created by highly skilled craftspeople working with the finest available wood products. While we can enhance the natural beauty of wood, it is nearly impossible to find two trees that are exactly the same shape, color or age. Therefore, some variances in color and grain pattern will be noticeable in your cabinetry.

We make every effort to create a uniformly finished product. Differences in color, tone and shape add character and warmth, creating the unique, handcrafted appearance that defines real wood cabinetry.

Wood changes appearance with age
Wooden cabinetry naturally changes its appearance as it ages, deepening in lustre and tone like a fine antique. Exposure to sunlight in your home may cause areas in your cabinets to change colour faster than others. Window locations, the amount of direct sunlight to which the wood is exposed, and changes in relative humidity will all have an effect on the appearance of your cabinets over time.

(See Cabinets - Care & Maintenance for details on how to care for your doors)

Wood and relative humidity
Any solid wood or wood composite will expand or contract over time as moisture and climate conditions change.

All species of wood react to variations in relative humidity levels, expanding when additional moisture is present in the air, and contracting during dry conditions.

Our cabinetry is not waterproof, and even changes in weather will cause changes in wood, particularly during periods of high humidity or conversely during the winter months when heating is used and the air tends to be much dryer.

Excessive movement may cause cracks
Small cracks may develop during dry conditions, such as when your home is heated during the winter, and then disappear when humidity levels are restored. Painted wooden doors will often show signs of movement in the joints in the form of hairline cracks.

Cracks can also appear when water has been dripped onto cabinet doors placed below kitchen sinks or beneath bathroom vanities. Excessive force applied to the doors may also cause cracking.

Climate control and your cabinets
We cannot warranty our product against wood movement and it is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that relative humidity and climate levels are controlled. We recommend maintaining levels at approximately 45% relative humidity. Although extreme humidity or dryness of the air is not a good thing for any house, it is usually the variation in humidity that affects wood the most.

In some cases, cabinet doors may exhibit signs of warping. We recommend giving any warped doors time (approx: 3-4 weeks) to acclimatize before requesting a warranty replacement as they will often eventually return to their original state.

Warping can also be compensated by adjusting the door, which have been specifically designed to ensure both ease and flexibility.